Is Wholesale Furniture For Everyone?

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The term ‘wholesale furniture’ may sound like something an individual would buy from the cousin of a friend of a friend after hours and through the back door of a warehouse. wholesale furniture Maybe it used to be that way. But today almost anyone can buy quality furniture at wholesale prices from reputable companies.

Furniture wholesalers typically buy their stock directly from manufacturers or importers. They are the middle man between the factory that makes the furniture and the store that sells it to the public. But many shoppers do not want to pay the higher prices that result from that arrangement. They want to skip the furniture store and buy directly from the wholesaler themselves.

It sounds simple: buy wholesale and save money. But if it was simple, everyone would do it, and retail furniture stores would quickly go out of business. The truth is that buying wholesale is an entirely different experience than buying retail. While there are advantages such as lower price, there are disadvantages as well. Anyone in the market for new furniture should consider carefully before they start going from one wholesaler to another in search of the perfect piece for their home.

If someone is looking for wholesale bedroom furniture, for example, they may find their style choices are limited. Some wholesale furniture dealers work with only a few manufacturers and so may not have the selection that furniture stores offer. Or they might offer only discontinued lines to individual buyers. Another disadvantage is that wholesalers do not offer design services. That may be fine for shoppers who know exactly what they are looking for, but other folks might need that specific type of help.

Buying wholesale may save money but it is usually a ‘cash and carry’ type of arrangement. Most wholesalers are not set up to take credit cards and are not willing to set up accounts for individual shoppers. They usually expect an individual buyer to take whatever they buy with them-no deliveries. That means the buyer should come with a truck or trailer and be prepared to do their own lifting.

But wholesale furniture shopping can be an adventure that comes with benefits. Working directly with wholesalers means working with folks who know furniture. They have close relationships with manufacturers and so have a better grasp of what is quality than the average furniture store clerk. And many of today’s wholesalers maintain an online presence that allows them to accept credit cards and offer home delivery. In the end, it is up to individuals to determine if buying wholesale is the right move for them.


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