A Hybrid’s Story – Televisions Are Getting Smarter by the Day! Samsung Smart TV

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Years ago, when I was a teenager, a debate reared its head that never ceased to irritate the hell out of me. The earliest rumblings occurred in my late childhood, as my best friend was barred from watching ‘The Mask’ cartoon series, as it was, according to his parents’ damning indictment, “moronic”. The debate raged for a great many years thereafter, becoming so well-worn as to be all-pervasive, suggested that TV was puerile, asinine, vapid…and other adjectives as well. The reigning idea was that TV wasn’t clever. But guess what? Now it is. Presenting the Samsung smart TV.

For the last few years, certain bright sparks have been incorporating computer technology into absolutely everything. Although this was also the case also in my childhood, it is only with modern developments that what constitutes computer technology is better defined to someone who grew up on comic books and reruns of 60’s spy series. I remember hearing a washing machine described as a ‘robot’ and being bitterly disappointed. wath hallmark channel I remember traffic lights were once described to me as a ‘supercomputer’ and nearly bursting into tears at the frustration of it all. My heroes lived in high-tech computer-powered, robot-populated paradise…Why the heck couldn’t I?

So yeah, as I was saying, the computer technology incorporated into devices such as mobile phones has led directly to the birth of the tablet PC, in a similar way, the newfound availability of television and movies on the Internet has led to the creation of the Samsung smart TV.

What makes the Samsung smart TV the sort of device that might adorn Captain Kirk’s lounge or Bruce Wayne’s Batcave? Well, aside from its inventiveness and shameless futurity, the Samsung smart TV combines the desktop PC with the family TV. This is not only space-saving, but also extremely useful for playing back content downloaded from the Internet (I presuppose you did it legally and after that leave it up to you). The Samsung smart TV features crystal-clear sound and image, as you can reasonably expect from something so cutting edge. The Samsung smart TV also comes complete with an inbuilt operating system, and can be run just like a smartphone or tablet PC.

It seems that in my lifetime I may well see the gleaming, exciting future I dreamed of as a child. I may yet get to don an all-in-one silver jumpsuit and pilot a flying car around the rings of Saturn (though, I doubt by that time the suit will be in any way complimentary to my withered and ‘prunish’ physique). But for now, I think I’ll settle for a Smart TV. So, the argument that TV is stupid can be at least partially put to bed. The content on TV might be stupider than ever, but at least the machine itself is smart. Though, to be fair, the advent of the Samsung smart TV does raise worrying possibilities that the TV’s people watch are smarter than they are. When Skynet releases one, I’m outta here.

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